New methods to cancer detection

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We all know that to beat cancer is vital an early detection. Currently, cancer is on all sides, one of the most common is oral cancer, so it is good that you constantly go with the dentist as EG Dental. However, according to the World Health Organization, mom’s cancer is the most recurrent among women worldwide, and many had lost their breasts and even if they can get it back with Molding Clinic it can get more serious than just that.

A young Mexican inventor has developed a technology capable of detecting breast cancer from its initial phase. Although mom’s cancer is considered a disease of the developed world, the majority of deaths from this cause are registered in developing countries.

For the young Mexican, the fight against mom’s cancer is a personal matter. After her mother suffered from this disease, she thought of an alternative that did not depend on self-exploration to have a timely diagnosis and created the first female cups that help early detection of mom’s cancer.

Eva Bra, the portable body technology developed by Julián, is based on the principle that tumors need a greater consumption of blood for their development. The cups have to be placed on the chest, and on top you can have any sports bra. When activated, through an artificial intelligence algorithm with a mobile application.

The disease that takes the life of a man every 45 minutes
Place the cups on the chest, and we will analyze over 60 minutes -which is the duration of the exploration- how the temperature is flowing and, therefore, how the blood itself is flowing. And from there, you can make a risk assessment, if there is a mass inside the mammary glands and if this mass is benign or malignant.

They say they are looking for expansion opportunities to Japan, Colombia, Spain and the US. The Eva Bra is already on sale, and it costs 120 dollars. Considered as a diagnostic complement to mammography and a substitute for breast self-exploration, Eva Bra should only be used once a week.