Old age a serious problem in society

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When reaching the third age, begin to arise more needs such as dental implants with Tijuana dental implants but also more serious, that is why most people adopt a passive attitude that results in the lack of adaptation of the elderly with their own family and environment.

Increase emotional sensitivity, fear of change, anxiety and decreased self-esteem, if we add economic problems or even retirement, we have an older adult susceptible to feel assaulted, not valued and restricted activities.

Misinformation about old age and the lack of plans, motivations or expectations often create uncertainty, sadness or even omit and minimize the symptoms or signs of mental and emotional deterioration that could be treated, in order to preserve function and independence.

Ignorance makes them vulnerable, since the deterioration in cognitive function is gradual and expected when aging, however, it is important to identify when it is normal or is the beginning of a neurocognitive pathology.

During our life it is essential to learn to grow old, there are many positive things in late adulthood, the older adult is often able to understand and improve the everyday problems of life, it is clear that affection is paramount and gives a more appropriate value to the people, situations and things around him.

He spoke about the importance of the older adult adopting an active role in this stage of development, learning about aging, confronting stereotypes, taking actions to physical and mental deterioration through pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapies appropriate and reliable by professionals.

This gives us the certainty that yes we can age successfully, and that living the different stages makes us lucky and unique.