Recommendations to prevent breast cancer

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Practice self-exploration and perform a minimum integral gynecological evaluation a year, are part of the suggestions. The Ministry of Health, through the Medical Specialties Unit for the Detection and Diagnosis of Breast Cancer, issued a series of recommendations to prevent and detect this condition in a timely manner among women.

Some of the recommendations to prevent this disease are: eat healthily, take vitamin D and eat foods low in fat, which do not exceed 30 percent of calories from the daily diet. It also helps a lot to have a clean diet, avoid processed foods and if you can go only with a biological dentist in Tijuana and try to cure small ilness with herbal medicine.

In addition, it is recommended to perform at least one comprehensive gynecological evaluation per year, including breast and gynecological examination, as well as two or three days after the period of menstruation.

Also, avoid smoking tobacco and not consume alcoholic beverages in excess, maintain control of body weight since obesity is a risk factor, so it is suggested to perform physical activity for at least a half hour a day.

Women over 40 years of age are recommended to have an annual mammogram and breast ultrasound, according to the specialist’s criteria.

In case of symptoms such as nipple secretion or retraction, changes in the coloration in the breast (reddish) and at the moment of palpation, a nodule or tumor (ball) is detected, you should go to the specialist doctor.