Tricks To Have White Teeth

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If you think that having a pearly smile is an impossible mission it is not, keeping white teeth is nothing more than maintaining a healthy smile, so follow the tricks to have a white smile and we’ll leave you to look healthier than ever.

Although you first have to remember that white is not the most natural color for teeth, the healthy color of a denture that has not had a teeth whitening is a light yellow, not a dirty yellow, so before doing anything you can consult with your dentist in Tijuana and follow their recommendations for cleaning and brushing for healthier teeth which may not be synonymous with white

The first one may seem very obvious, but it is one that people who consult us usually skip: do not smoke, yellow your smile a lot and it affects your dental health on many levels. So you already have the excuse to stop smoking!

Keep a daily dental hygiene. It is not good to brush your teeth superficially before going to sleep: you should do it after each meal for a minimum of two minutes and you should use floss for a complete cleaning. Avoid substances that are abrasive or that color the teeth like coffee or red wine. Of course you can have a cup of coffee but do not abuse!

Go see your dentist, it seems very obvious but it will help you improve your dental health and, for example, it will prevent you from developing cavities or those that you already have become very large, you can also get a dental hygiene that will help you look perfect smile.

And if none of this works, get a professional teeth whitening, beware of whitening at home: they can be very abrasive and damage your teeth. In our dental clinic in Sant Antoni we offer a treatment that will make you have a white and shiny smile.