What is Root Canal Treatment Why is it Needed?

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A root canal is a dental treatment of the decayed or infected teeth. During the root canal treatment procedure, pulp from the center of the affected tooth is removed and then seals the cavity. It prevents further decay of teeth and gives comfort to the infected tooth. The root canal Tijuana makes the teeth healthy and relieves the patient free from any dental pain or discomfort. In a severe case of tooth decay, the tooth would have severely damaged. In such case, tooth nerve is hurt and tooth becomes sensitive. The patient suffers from severe pain and other complications in the dental area. Root canal treatment helps to get rid of such complications and unbearable pain. In such treatment, tooth nerve and damaged tissues will be removed. This helps to check any further loss of the tooth.

What are the reasons you need root canals treatment?

Root canal therapy is suggested when a tooth nerve or pulp of a tooth is decayed. Usual reasons for damage or infection of pulp are the following:

A cracked tooth

A deep cavity

What happens during the procedure?

Dentist suggests for one or two visits not including any follow-up visits, depending on the number of teeth affected and intensity of severity. In the therapy, local anesthesia is injected into the affected tooth and gum to be treated to numb the area. After that, the damaged tooth is isolated using a rubber dam and a thin piece of rubber latex. A rubber latex piece helps in keeping the tooth dry during the treatment. One opening is made through the crown of the affected tooth into the pulp chamber. The affected pulp is isolated with the utmost care from the chamber and canals. The roots are properly washed and shaped to fill it to make it sealed. Sometimes disinfectant spray is done to eliminate bacteria and check its growth in the pulp chamber and canals. Sometimes a temporary white filling is done to prevent entry of saliva into the chamber and canals between visits to the dentist. Once the temporary filling is removed it will be replaced by permanent filling or crown. Sometimes, the temporary filling is skipped and permanent filling is done directly. Crown is used to strengthen the treated tooth if it cannot be repaired by filling and if it needs extensive treatment. Antibiotics are prescribed to the patient to check any infection. In case any problem is created due to medication, immediately contact your consult doctor.

Precaution is better than cure. It is good to use dentist prescribed mouth hygiene and consult your dentist for a regular dental check-up. It helps to keep a beautiful smile on your face. Before planning to visit a dentist, do a thorough search for a good and experienced dentist.