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The Perfect Dental Hygiene Routine.

You should learn to maintain good dental hygiene between dental visits; it should not be that your dental health is taken care of only when you visit at your dentist in Tijuana. Keeping your teeth healthy in between is equally important. Daily oral care keeps your mouth healthy and gives you a white smile all through. Below are some of the ways dental hygiene can be maintained from home:
Brush and floss every day.
Good dental hygiene starts from brushing teeth two times a day. Most importantly at night, it will help you remove all food particles accumulated during the day and could be harmful if left in the mouth for the whole night. Use a soft to medium bristled brush, makes it easy to reach all the parts of your mouth. The brush should be replaced within a period of three to four months, a worn out brush cannot clean your teeth as a new one does. On top of brushing, regular flossing is very important. It removes debris between the teeth that could not be removed by the brush. The trapped plague lead to teeth cavities hence should be removed on daily basis.
Try using fluoride mouth rinse.
Using A fluoride mouthwash is another way of protecting your smile and keeping your teeth free from cavities and gum disease. Mouthwash will also enable you to:
• Prevent gingivitis
• Keep your breath fresh all day
• Reduce the buildup of plague
Keeping a healthy diet.
As we all know a healthy diet keeps our general health strong. It is also very important for maintaining a healthy mouth and a bright smile. When combined with dental hygiene and regular visits to the dentist, you can be assured of a healthy smile for a good number of years. A healthy diet involves:
• Eating fibrous vegetables that helps keep teeth clean.
• Drinking large amounts of water, helps keep the mouth rinsed.
• Avoiding any sugary foods that could lead to cavities.
• Try as much to limit smacks in between foods.


What is Root Canal Treatment Why is it Needed?

A root canal is a dental treatment of the decayed or infected teeth. During the root canal treatment procedure, pulp from the center of the affected tooth is removed and then seals the cavity. It prevents further decay of teeth and gives comfort to the infected tooth. The root canal Tijuana makes the teeth healthy and relieves the patient free from any dental pain or discomfort. In a severe case of tooth decay, the tooth would have severely damaged. In such case, tooth nerve is hurt and tooth becomes sensitive. The patient suffers from severe pain and other complications in the dental area. Root canal treatment helps to get rid of such complications and unbearable pain. In such treatment, tooth nerve and damaged tissues will be removed. This helps to check any further loss of the tooth.

What are the reasons you need root canals treatment?

Root canal therapy is suggested when a tooth nerve or pulp of a tooth is decayed. Usual reasons for damage or infection of pulp are the following:

A cracked tooth

A deep cavity

What happens during the procedure?

Dentist suggests for one or two visits not including any follow-up visits, depending on the number of teeth affected and intensity of severity. In the therapy, local anesthesia is injected into the affected tooth and gum to be treated to numb the area. After that, the damaged tooth is isolated using a rubber dam and a thin piece of rubber latex. A rubber latex piece helps in keeping the tooth dry during the treatment. One opening is made through the crown of the affected tooth into the pulp chamber. The affected pulp is isolated with the utmost care from the chamber and canals. The roots are properly washed and shaped to fill it to make it sealed. Sometimes disinfectant spray is done to eliminate bacteria and check its growth in the pulp chamber and canals. Sometimes a temporary white filling is done to prevent entry of saliva into the chamber and canals between visits to the dentist. Once the temporary filling is removed it will be replaced by permanent filling or crown. Sometimes, the temporary filling is skipped and permanent filling is done directly. Crown is used to strengthen the treated tooth if it cannot be repaired by filling and if it needs extensive treatment. Antibiotics are prescribed to the patient to check any infection. In case any problem is created due to medication, immediately contact your consult doctor.

Precaution is better than cure. It is good to use dentist prescribed mouth hygiene and consult your dentist for a regular dental check-up. It helps to keep a beautiful smile on your face. Before planning to visit a dentist, do a thorough search for a good and experienced dentist.


La necesidad de tratamientos dentales

En la economía actual, las personas no gastan sus dólares extra limpiándose los dientes cada año o van más allá sometiéndose a blanqueamiento dental. Los dentistas están perdiendo sus clientes existentes y potenciales de izquierda a derecha debido al hecho de que la odontología es la última prioridad en su lista y la mayoría de la gente prefiere gastar su dinero en otra cosa.

Entonces, ¿qué hacen estos dentistas? Los profesionales mantendrán su negocio funcionando al mantener clientes existentes y ganar otros nuevos. Necesitan promocionar y comercializar sus servicios para recordarles a las personas que están manteniendo su higiene y que vale la pena el costo. También debe recordar que hay oportunidades para ofertas y descuentos en ciertos servicios como lo hace La Casa de las Sonrisas. ¿Hay una mejor manera de llegar a las personas que a través de la publicidad?

Si un dentista da una indicación para un examen gratuito y una limpieza dental con descuento, es probable que más personas aprovechen esta oportunidad. Hay una frase “fuera de la vista, fuera de la mente” y en este caso es verdad. Cuanto más publicite, más verá el público en general que el camino al dentista es probablemente más importante de lo que pensaba. Con un poco de publicidad, el camino hacia el dentista también puede ser muy atractivo a la vista debido a la perspectiva que puede tener implicaciones.

La siguiente pregunta es dónde publicitar. Revistas, anuncios, radio, televisión, toda la publicidad ayudará a atraer negocios, pero la pregunta es, ¿cuál funciona mejor, qué tipo de publicidad y qué publicidad genera más negocios? Aquí está el seguimiento de llamadas utilizado. Después de publicitar y lanzar un negocio, probablemente quieran saber qué anuncio genera la mayoría de los pacientes. El seguimiento de llamadas rastrea esta información y es fácil de ver. Cada llamada que ingrese para un anuncio específico se registra y monitorea. Sabrá cómo aprendió este paciente potencial de su práctica, donde vio el anuncio y los anuncios que estaba atrayendo. Los dentistas también pueden conocer su retorno de la inversión (ROI) a través del sistema de seguimiento de llamadas y dejar de perder tiempo y dinero en anuncios que no funcionan mientras se enfocan en los que traen pacientes nuevos.

Los dentistas que utilizan publicidad y mercado, y luego agregan seguimiento de llamadas a la ecuación, seguramente generarán más pacientes y tendrán más éxito que sin ellos, sin dudarlo. Al final del día, cuando todo está dicho y hecho, el marketing y el seguimiento de llamadas es un equipo que siempre logra su objetivo.


A number of Things You Have to Find out about The advantages of Dental Implants.

It is able to come about that of the course of the lives of ours we wind up losing several of the teeth of ours. In such a scenario, it is better to be concerned about the advantages of tooth implants. Numerous individuals have a genuine phobia about dentistry on the whole and for that reason are actually ignorant of just how the dentition of theirs is able to make the most of an implant. Down below you can master the advantages of Dental Implants Tijuana.

For starters, there’s the wellness of the various other tooth which you will still need to think about. Tooth implants are able to stop these from being prone to rot or even to being tipped. The issues which derive from these may be stayed away from with an implant. The various other teeth of yours aren’t affected or even modified by the implant either, which preserves the integrity of theirs.

Additionally, an implant also can spare you the interpersonal embarrassment which can be brought on by the look of the teeth of yours. When consuming or even talking in public, you are able to appeal to unwelcome attention when the lack of yours of tooth is exposed. The implant can make it look as although you’ve a complete range of teeth. You are going to be in a position to laugh without the need of experiencing some sense of shame about just how you look.

The gums which are today exposed thanks to the tooth of yours actually being lost won’t be irritated in case an implant is actually fitted. The implant is incorporated into the bone structure of yours at the gum, exactly where they are able to last a lifetime. This can decrease the risk of yours for gum disease also, as the gums could be more quickly cleaned.

And due to this particular integration, the implants not just are like the classic tooth of yours. They’re organized like them too, and may be brushed as well as cleaned in precisely the identical fashion with no awkwardness. As each implant is separately fitted, flossing along with other dental hygiene strategies are easy to make use of as they’re with normal tooth.

Contrast this with dentures along with other removable solutions. Since they’re removable, they’re susceptible to come loose at any moment, so keeping them in position is actually a frequent worry. In addition, they are able to result in problems with being in a position to talk as well as consume as you usually would for the very same reason. All of the issues are resolved with an implant.

Probably the most decisive advantage of an implant is actually the success rate. The success rate is pretty high and with very little variation. You are able to, consequently, undergo the process with a lot more confidence than you’d with a lot of different kinds of methods. If the treatment is completed, you’ve a permanent solution to the issues you earlier had with the dentition of yours.

To sum up, the advantages of tooth implants are considerable and many. You are able to see through the info earlier that the dental health of yours advances in addition to the look of yours with an implant. Today you have been in a position to master the advantages of Dental Implants, this particular understanding can get you off to a great start. Check with the dentist of yours for even more tips on the issue, as they are going to be in a place to supply you with far more comprehensive info about how the dental health of yours will get better as a consequence of this particular process.


Dental cleaning: Importance of Dental Cleaning in a better easy simple way

Getting a dental cleaning may be one of the best things you do for your oral health. Though brushing your teeth and flossing is very important for maintaining the health of your mouth, it is best to turn to a professional for additional help in keeping your mouth clean and free from potential problems. In fact, there is no way to prevent the buildup of plaque unless you work with a dentist for this cleaning process.

During a dental cleaning, the dentist in Baja Dent will use specialized equipment to remove the built up plaque around and under your teeth. In nearly all situations, this substance develops on the outer layer of the teeth. It happens because of the breakdown of sugars in the mouth. In short, when you eat, the mouth begins to break down those substances. The food particles left behind can become easy food for the bacteria living in your mouth. You will not get rid of all of the bacteria in your mouth, but you can see significant improvement with regular brushing.

However, it is impossible to remove it all with brushing. As a result, the bacteria build onto the teeth forming a layer of plaque, a hard substance that breaks down the enamel of the teeth. Over time, this layer can get very heavy and it can push apart the teeth as it spreads downward. Eventually, the bacteria can attack the gums and this allows plaque to go even lower, under the teeth to the roots. This can worsen into periodontal conditions or even tooth loss.

With the aid of a dentist, though, it is possible to remove a great deal of the plaque from the teeth. In doing so, it is possible to give the gums the ability to heal and to allow the overall oral health level to improve. Even more important, this process can help you to avoid any type of complication, including the loss of your teeth. The specially designed tools work to remove the plaque without damaging the structure of the teeth. That’s critical when it comes to maintaining oral health.

Dental cleaning is not something to avoid and it really is not an option. In fact, it can be a vitally important tool to improving your oral health. However, those who struggle with problems or complications related to plaque may still be able to get help. Dentists can use ultrasonic products to remove even the worst of it. This leads to a healthy mouth as well as a white smile that you can be proud of. Do not put off getting help for these conditions any longer and see results.


Everything about gastric sleeve surgery

or overweight is one of the common cause of many of the diseases and conditions
in the modern world. There many people who are searching for various methods
that can help to lose weight due to the dangers of obesity. There is a various
method including both traditional and modern methods. One of that method is
gastric sleeve surgery.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is one of the bariatric surgery that is aimed to reduce
the size of one’s stomach. Additionally, it is offered as an alternative to
more invasive and gastric bypass surgery. Through this method, there is
reduction of the stomach to an approximate of 85 percent as it helps in
reducing one’s food consumption.

However the method is irreversible, it gives one life saving benefits
especially those who are suffering from obesity. They also help them to lead,
fuller, healthy and more active lives. For those who are experiencing
pharmaceutical conditions due to obesity, for example, cholesterol, cancer and
those who are experiencing gastric sleeve surgery do not show some of the
symptoms of this condition.

Sleeve Procedure by A Slimmer Me can be of great importance especially to all those people
whose weight is above 50, this because the will help to reduce your stomach and
create a sleeve as opposed to the actual size of the stomach. If they follow
this procedure, they will be able to lose up to 35 percent of their weight
within two years. So Gastric Sleeve Procedure is very important to obesity

people especially those who are above 50 years to realize the importance of
bariatric surgical procedures when they are at those ages. However, if you are
below 50 and you are suffering from obesity, it is good to go for the procedure
at earlier if you realize there are some complications such Crohn’s disease or
anemia that may make the high possibility of bariatric procedures.



What Is The Allowed Limit For Alcohol In Pregnancy?

If you are pregnant and you have doubts about whether to drink a little alcohol and decided to use the Internet to answer your question, you should probably be more confused than clear.
If you were to seek the opinion of friends who have been pregnant, the result should not have been different either. Some will censure you just for thinking about it, while others will say that they drank themselves during pregnancy and nothing bad happened. But we’re not talking about if you need a plastic surgery or dental veneers in Tijuana Mexico, it’s your child’s health and you should looking for a professional for such doubts.
Even doctors can provide contradictory advice. While everyone agrees that drinking alcohol in excess is wisely harmful, the same consensus does not exist when it comes to a mild or occasional consumption of alcohol. Some doctors completely prohibit alcohol consumption during pregnancy, while others say it is unlikely that an occasional glass of wine could harm your baby.
Effects of alcohol on pregnancy
Alcohol is a substance that freely crosses the placental barrier. This means that the baby will always have the same concentration of alcohol in the blood as his mother. However, there is an aggravating factor: contrary to what happens with the mother, the immature liver of the fetus has not yet been able to process the circulating alcohol.
We have known for decades that alcohol is a drug with teratogenic potential, that is, capable of causing malformations in fetuses. Some studies show that the same minimum amounts of alcohol in the blood of the mother are capable of causing changes in the cells of the fetus, particularly in neurons.
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders encompass not only fetal malformations, but also less obvious changes in the child’s intellectual development, which can only become evident in late childhood or early adolescence.
For mothers who drank during pregnancy, having a perfect son from a structural point of view and who presents satisfactory intellectual and motor development in the first years of life is not a guarantee that it cannot show signs of FASD.
The consumption of alcohol during pregnancy also brings risks to the pregnancy itself, with the increased risk of miscarriage, premature births and intrauterine fetal death.
Alcohol easily crosses the placental barrier so that after 1 hour, the concentration of alcohol in the blood of the mother is equal to that of the blood of the fetus. In practice, this means that the fetus consumes the same amount of alcohol as you do.
There are studies that show that even in small doses, alcohol is capable of causing changes both in molecular level and in the level of craniofacial formation of the fetus.
Therefore, until there is evidence to the contrary, the most reasonable behavior is to completely avoid alcohol consumption, even for those women who are not yet pregnant, but are trying.


Types Of Dental Teeth Fractures

Fractures are a common thing in the world of dentistry. Fractures or cracks occur with all ages, although they are more present in those above the age of 25. They can be very painful, hard to diagnose, yet sometimes easy to treat. There are several types of fractures, which we will look at below.

Even though fractures are very common and very painful, you should never put off going to the best dentist in Tijuana. Fractures can become more and more serious if you don’t do something about them, which is why you should never hesitate to go to the dentist. Your dentist will be able to diagnose the problem, and fix it before it has the chance to get any worse.

The first type of crack is known as an oblique supragingival fracture. This fracture is found above the gums, and normally happens when you bite down too hard on something. Normally, this fracture doesn’t involve the nerve. Once the fractured area of the tooth breaks off, the pain will go away. Although the exposed dentin may cause you some pain, you can visit the dentist and have it repaired. If the fracture is large, you may need to have a crown placed on the tooth to prevent further fractures from occurring in that tooth.

The second type of crack exceeds way below the gum line, and is known as an oblique subgingival fracture. Once the fractured piece of tooth breaks off, it normally remains attached to the gums and cause result in terrible pain until you get it removed. Once you have had the piece of tooth removed from the gums, the tooth will be similar to the supragingival fracture. It normally doesn’t affect the nerves, although as a result of the tooth area being lost, you may need to have a root canal to clean out the tooth before having a crown put on it.

The seriousness of this fracture depends on how far it has went beyond the gum line. If it has made it’s way deep into the gum line, you may not be able to save the tooth. The crack can be present for many years, before you start to feel any pain. To be on the safe side, you should go to your regular checkups with your dentist, as he can check for cracks and other problems.

The oblique root fracture is next, although it doesn’t involve the tooth crown at all. This type of fracture is almost always found below the gums, normally under the bone. If a root fracture is found near the crown of the tooth, it will normally prove to be fatal. Sometimes, you can save the tooth with a root canal, even though it is normally lost later on due to an abscess of the bone that surrounds the fracture.

The last type of fracture is the most difficult to deal with. Vertical apical root fractures occur with the tip of the root, and can cause you severe to intense pain, even if you’ve had the nerve removed with a root canal. Even though the nerve may not be present, vertical apical root fractures cause a lot of pain, which occurs in the tooth.

Normally, vertical apical fractures will cause you more pain than any other type of fracture. The resulting pain comes from the fragments putting pressure on the bone, causing the fractured pieces to strain. Just about the only way to get relief from this type of fracture is to get a root canal, as it will ease the pain and get the dead pulp out of the tooth that’s affected with the fracture.



Cuándo es Necesario un Implante Dental

En caso de que su dentista exija el tratamiento del implante, una higiene oral cuidadosa es importante para el éxito del implante. Tienes que pasar tiempo cuidando el implante y asegurarse de que la región alrededor de él es muy limpio. Si no, probablemente mejoraría su riesgo de enfermedad de las encías, lo que podría debilitar el hueso y los tejidos necesarios para soportar el implante. Otros artículos para tener en cuenta. El tratamiento con implantes debe ser discutido con su dentista. El tratamiento con implantes dentales puede tomar más tiempo y cuesta más que otras alternativas de reemplazo. Pero los implantes dental usados en Dr. Mexico son a menudo de gran valor simplemente porque son capaces de soportar por una eternidad. Las visitas dentales regulares son claves para el éxito a largo plazo de su implante.


Cómo Abrir Un Consultorio Médico

Lo mas importante despues de graduarte de la universidad es ejercer tu profesión, esta puede ser una de las partes más difíciles porque a veces las personas no confían demasiado en las habilidades y conocimientos de las personas jóvenes, Cuando tienes un consultorio médico respetable hace que las personas se formen una buena idea desde un principio sobre ti y lo que quizá sean tus servicios como doctor. Aquí te presentamos unas muy buenas ideas de como hacer de tu oficina un lugar que represente lo bueno que eres como doctor.

1.Hazlo ecologicamente sustentable.

Cuando abras tu consultorio haz que sea uno con el medio ambiente, y si te preguntas, cómo puedo hacer eso? Bueno, el mejor comienzo puede ser con paneles solares Tijuana, puede que pienses que es muy caro, pero ¿no crees que es más caro hacerle daño al medio ambiente y a tu planeta?

2.Consigue todo el materia


Todo lo que necesites para ser médico a parte de mucho conocimiento es las herramientas correctas, ¿como vas a revisar las palpitaciones de un corazón si no tienes un  estetoscopio?

3. Promocionate


Las personas confían más en lo que ya conocen, ahora tu puedes hacer que las personas te conozcan más con tu buen servicio y atención a las primeras personas que vayan a una consulta, la mejor publicidad es la que viene de boca en boca.

4.Pide consejos


Siempre podemos encontrar cosas muy buenas de las personas mayores que siempre tienen más experiencia, a ellos les puedes pedir consejos y sugerencias, puedes estar seguro de que van a ser grandes y buenos consejos que tienen que sacarle el mayor de los provechos



A veces las personas lo que más necesitan es un especialista, es piel, es niños, uñas, diabetes, o en embarazos, tu consultorio puede ser el mejor si aparte de ser el especialista de lo que tu quieras puedes decorar tu consultorio como por ejemplo si es para niños puede estar decorado como algún personaje de caricatura y tener una sala de espera con juegos divertidos para niños.



Tricks To Have White Teeth

If you think that having a pearly smile is an impossible mission it is not, keeping white teeth is nothing more than maintaining a healthy smile, so follow the tricks to have a white smile and we’ll leave you to look healthier than ever.

Although you first have to remember that white is not the most natural color for teeth, the healthy color of a denture that has not had a teeth whitening is a light yellow, not a dirty yellow, so before doing anything you can consult with your dentist in Tijuana and follow their recommendations for cleaning and brushing for healthier teeth which may not be synonymous with white

The first one may seem very obvious, but it is one that people who consult us usually skip: do not smoke, yellow your smile a lot and it affects your dental health on many levels. So you already have the excuse to stop smoking!

Keep a daily dental hygiene. It is not good to brush your teeth superficially before going to sleep: you should do it after each meal for a minimum of two minutes and you should use floss for a complete cleaning. Avoid substances that are abrasive or that color the teeth like coffee or red wine. Of course you can have a cup of coffee but do not abuse!

Go see your dentist, it seems very obvious but it will help you improve your dental health and, for example, it will prevent you from developing cavities or those that you already have become very large, you can also get a dental hygiene that will help you look perfect smile.

And if none of this works, get a professional teeth whitening, beware of whitening at home: they can be very abrasive and damage your teeth. In our dental clinic in Sant Antoni we offer a treatment that will make you have a white and shiny smile.


Tratamientos de spa durante el embarazo?

Con todos los cambios que están ocurriendo dentro de su cuerpo, no es sorprendente que el embarazo nos deje agotados, así como un poco de hormona y emoción. Muchos centros de salud ofrecen tratamientos especializados para mujeres embarazadas, ademas de asegurarte que sean expertos en estos servicios, debes vigilar que tengan los mejores muebles para spa, por tu salud.

Hay muchas cosas que hacer y que no hacer durante el embarazo, como por ejemplo hay tratamientos dentales en Tijuana que es mejor dejarlos para despues y los tratamientos de spa no son diferentes. Según la etapa del embarazo en la que se encuentre, existen ciertas limitaciones sobre los tratamientos que puede y no puede tener mientras esté en el Spa. Pero no temas; esta práctica guía está aquí para mostrarte los mejores consejos para tratamientos de spa durante el embarazo.

Contrariamente a las creencias de algunos, los spas no están absolutamente fuera del alcance de aquellos que están esperando. Pero hay ciertas precauciones que tomar y ciertamente hay áreas que deben evitarse por la seguridad de usted y su bebé.

Cosas como jacuzzis, envolturas con barro caliente, saunas y baños de vapor (básicamente, los tratamientos que provocan un aumento significativo de la temperatura de su cuerpo) son, de hecho, fuera de los límites. Esto se debe a que cuando la piel se calienta, la sangre se extrae de la placenta y pone en riesgo a usted y a su bebé. Incluso tan solo diez minutos en estos ambientes caldeados pueden aumentar las posibilidades de un aborto espontáneo, haciendo de estos tratamientos una bandera roja absoluta.

También querrá mantenerse alejado de ciertos tipos de masajes, aunque no de todos los tipos. Los masajes realmente pueden dar en el clavo, aliviando los dolores y dolores del embarazo, pero hay que tener cuidado y siempre notificar a la masajista que está embarazada.


Recommendations to prevent breast cancer

Practice self-exploration and perform a minimum integral gynecological evaluation a year, are part of the suggestions. The Ministry of Health, through the Medical Specialties Unit for the Detection and Diagnosis of Breast Cancer, issued a series of recommendations to prevent and detect this condition in a timely manner among women.

Some of the recommendations to prevent this disease are: eat healthily, take vitamin D and eat foods low in fat, which do not exceed 30 percent of calories from the daily diet. It also helps a lot to have a clean diet, avoid processed foods and if you can go only with a biological dentist in Tijuana and try to cure small ilness with herbal medicine.

In addition, it is recommended to perform at least one comprehensive gynecological evaluation per year, including breast and gynecological examination, as well as two or three days after the period of menstruation.

Also, avoid smoking tobacco and not consume alcoholic beverages in excess, maintain control of body weight since obesity is a risk factor, so it is suggested to perform physical activity for at least a half hour a day.

Women over 40 years of age are recommended to have an annual mammogram and breast ultrasound, according to the specialist’s criteria.

In case of symptoms such as nipple secretion or retraction, changes in the coloration in the breast (reddish) and at the moment of palpation, a nodule or tumor (ball) is detected, you should go to the specialist doctor.


Old age a serious problem in society

When reaching the third age, begin to arise more needs such as dental implants with Tijuana dental implants but also more serious, that is why most people adopt a passive attitude that results in the lack of adaptation of the elderly with their own family and environment.

Increase emotional sensitivity, fear of change, anxiety and decreased self-esteem, if we add economic problems or even retirement, we have an older adult susceptible to feel assaulted, not valued and restricted activities.

Misinformation about old age and the lack of plans, motivations or expectations often create uncertainty, sadness or even omit and minimize the symptoms or signs of mental and emotional deterioration that could be treated, in order to preserve function and independence.

Ignorance makes them vulnerable, since the deterioration in cognitive function is gradual and expected when aging, however, it is important to identify when it is normal or is the beginning of a neurocognitive pathology.

During our life it is essential to learn to grow old, there are many positive things in late adulthood, the older adult is often able to understand and improve the everyday problems of life, it is clear that affection is paramount and gives a more appropriate value to the people, situations and things around him.

He spoke about the importance of the older adult adopting an active role in this stage of development, learning about aging, confronting stereotypes, taking actions to physical and mental deterioration through pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapies appropriate and reliable by professionals.

This gives us the certainty that yes we can age successfully, and that living the different stages makes us lucky and unique.


New methods to cancer detection

We all know that to beat cancer is vital an early detection. Currently, cancer is on all sides, one of the most common is oral cancer, so it is good that you constantly go with the dentist as EG Dental. However, according to the World Health Organization, mom’s cancer is the most recurrent among women worldwide, and many had lost their breasts and even if they can get it back with Molding Clinic it can get more serious than just that.

A young Mexican inventor has developed a technology capable of detecting breast cancer from its initial phase. Although mom’s cancer is considered a disease of the developed world, the majority of deaths from this cause are registered in developing countries.

For the young Mexican, the fight against mom’s cancer is a personal matter. After her mother suffered from this disease, she thought of an alternative that did not depend on self-exploration to have a timely diagnosis and created the first female cups that help early detection of mom’s cancer.

Eva Bra, the portable body technology developed by Julián, is based on the principle that tumors need a greater consumption of blood for their development. The cups have to be placed on the chest, and on top you can have any sports bra. When activated, through an artificial intelligence algorithm with a mobile application.

The disease that takes the life of a man every 45 minutes
Place the cups on the chest, and we will analyze over 60 minutes -which is the duration of the exploration- how the temperature is flowing and, therefore, how the blood itself is flowing. And from there, you can make a risk assessment, if there is a mass inside the mammary glands and if this mass is benign or malignant.

They say they are looking for expansion opportunities to Japan, Colombia, Spain and the US. The Eva Bra is already on sale, and it costs 120 dollars. Considered as a diagnostic complement to mammography and a substitute for breast self-exploration, Eva Bra should only be used once a week.


Dieta a base de plantas para la perdida de peso

Muchas personas que quieren bajar de peso han optado por conseguirlo mediante una cirugía bariatrica realizada por Bariatric Surgery 4 Health, lo cual les ha dado mejores resultados cuando lo combinan con una vieta vegana ya que según un estudio las personas que siguen una dieta vegana durante aproximadamente 18 semanas arrojan, en promedio, cuatro libras más que aquellos que siguen dietas basadas en animales, incluso dentistas como Sanoviv Dental Care mencionan que también le hace bien a los dientes.

Muchos que cambian a una dieta vegana por razones de pérdida de peso a menudo se encuentran llenando el vacío sin carne con una variedad de alimentos procesados ​​a base de plantas. Afortunadamente, una dieta vegetariana es mucho más que alimentos envasados ​​que simplemente no tienen animales, especialmente para aquellos que buscan perder peso. Asi que si eres un principiante que esta iniciando una dieta vegana, a continuacion te daremos los consejos mas importantes para que te adaptes mejor a esta dieta.

La pirámide alimenticia vegana
La base de la pirámide alimenticia vegana son los vegetales y las verduras, seguidos de frutas y granos enteros. Aunque la pirámide alimenticia vegana sirve como guía, el consumo de calorías y el control de porciones son factores clave para cualquier programa de pérdida de peso saludable.

Las espinacas, el brócoli, la acelga, el repollo blanco, las coles de Bruselas y el calabacín hacen que las verduras de hojas oscuras sean una maravillosa adición a cualquier comida. Estos alimentos son ideales para perder peso porque son los alimentos saludables más ricos en nutrientes y son extremadamente bajos en calorías y altos en fibra. El contenido alto en fibra te mantiene saciado durante todo el día y te ayuda a evitar los bocadillos no saludables. Otras opciones con alto contenido de fibra incluyen frutas y nueces de árbol crudas como: almendras, nueces y castañas de cajú, que están repletas de proteínas y fibra y pueden ayudar a reducir el colesterol.

La proteína
El consumo de alimentos ricos en proteínas es vital en muchos programas de pérdida de peso porque las proteínas lo llenan más rápido; por lo tanto, necesitas menos comida para estar satisfecho. Las proteínas están disponibles en muchas formas, lo que las hace convenientes para incorporar a las comidas porque se pueden comer crudas o cocidas rápidamente. Los polvos de proteína son ideales para un desayuno para llevar o un batido de mediodía, mientras que otras proteínas a base de plantas como frijoles, lentejas, quinoa y avena son versátiles y pueden servir como el componente principal de una comida.


Como saber si necesitas ortodoncia

Muchas personas no saben que necesitan ortodoncia hasta que llega a tener un impacto negativo en su salud oral, es por eso que son importantes las revisiones constantes con tu dentista como con Dental 6ta & E ya que es muy importante poder identificar los primeros síntomas de problemas de ortodoncia, especialmente en los niños, y obtener una consulta con un ortodoncia lo antes posible para determinar si es necesario tomar alguna medida, ya sea ahora o en el futuro, si vives en estados unidos, te recomendamos viajar a México por consultas mas baratas y si no puedes cruzar por temas legales te recomendamos ir con Farias & Walker – Cross Border Attorneys.

Por eso a continuacion te mostramos algunos de los signos mas comunes para saber si necesitas aparatos ortopédicos debajo y si alguno de los síntomas se aplica a usted o a su hijo.

El hacinamiento es la razón más común para buscar tratamiento de ortodoncia, especialmente en niños.

Básicamente significa que no hay suficiente espacio en la boca para todos los dientes. Sin el espacio adecuado para todos esos dientes, los dientes se amontonan dando como resultado dientes torcidos. Desafortunadamente, el hacinamiento tiende a empeorar con el tiempo y puede complicar incluso la simple tarea de cepillarse y usar hilo dental, lo que requiere más tiempo y esfuerzo para limpiar todos los dientes adecuadamente. Esto puede causar acumulación de placa que a su vez causa caries, mal olor, enfermedad de las encías y pérdida de masa ósea alrededor de los dientes.

El tratamiento de ortodoncia a una edad temprana ayudará a alinear y enderezar los dientes a fin de evitar futuros problemas de dolor y salud orales, y reducir el riesgo de caries y enfermedades de las encías.

Una sobremordida se refiere a la superposición vertical y horizontal de los dientes frontales. La severidad de la sobremordida puede variar, pero una sobremordida suele notarse cuando los dientes delanteros sobresalen mucho más que los dientes inferiores. Una sobremordida aumentada puede causar los siguientes problemas y problemas de salud bucal:

Mayor riesgo de trauma en los dientes frontales
Aumentar significativamente la probabilidad de fractura de los dientes frontales en la causa de la lesión.
Complicaciones y reducción de la longevidad del trabajo de restauración dental, como empastes cosméticos, coronas y carillas.


Los hijos y el cuidado bucal

Un error común de los padres es que a veces descuidan el cuidado de los dientes de leche, algunas personas tienen la idea de que, dado que los dientes de leche serán reemplazados eventualmente, el tratamiento de la caries dental en los dientes de leche puede diferirse. Esto puede ocasionar que los dientes de leche sean insalvables.

La pérdida temprana del primer juego de dientes puede interrumpir temporalmente la función, la estética y el habla hasta que el segundo conjunto entre en erupción.

Las primeras visitas dentales con los profesionales de la odontología como Samaritan dental ayudaran mucho a educar a los padres o cuidadores sobre la importancia de cuidar los dientes de leche. Dichos dientes ayudan a guiar el crecimiento y desarrollo de las mandíbulas y los dientes permanentes.

La caries, o caries dental, es una enfermedad previsible. Si bien la caries puede no poner en peligro su vida, pueden afectar negativamente su calidad de vida.

Cuando sus dientes y encías están constantemente expuestos a grandes cantidades de almidones y azúcares, se pueden formar ácidos que comienzan a erosionar el esmalte dental. Los alimentos ricos en carbohidratos como dulces, galletas, refrescos e incluso jugos de fruta dejan depósitos en los dientes. La combinación de depósitos y placa forma ácidos que pueden dañar la estructura mineral de los dientes, lo cual resulta en caries dental.

Cuida sus dientes sensibles
Las comidas y bebidas frías y calientes pueden causar dolor o irritación a personas con dientes sensibles. Con el tiempo, el esmalte de los dientes se puede desgastar, las encías pueden retroceder o los dientes pueden desarrollar grietas microscópicas, exponiendo el interior del diente y terminaciones nerviosas irritantes. Solo respirar aire frío puede ser doloroso para aquellos con dientes extremadamente sensibles.

Mal aliento 
Aunque no es una situación extrema a tu hijo le puede pareces muy incomodo, en estos casos el cepillado diario y el uso del hilo dental ayudan a prevenir la acumulación de partículas de alimentos, placa y bacterias en la boca. Las partículas de comida que quedan en la boca se deterioran y causan mal aliento. Mientras que ciertos alimentos, como el ajo o las anchoas, pueden crear mal aliento temporal, el mal aliento constante puede ser un signo de enfermedad de las encías u otro problema dental.


Que puede significar la perdida de dentadura

Realmente ahora no es preocupante cuando perdemos uno o varios dientes ya que se pueden remplazar fácilmente con otros falsos de alta calidad con Mexico Dental Network, estos implantes funcionan tan bien o mejor que los nuestros, sin embargo como resultado de varios estudios e investigaciones los expertos afirman dice que las causas de la pérdida de dientes y el deterioro mental y físico a menudo están vinculados al nivel socioeconómico, enfatizando la importancia de determinantes sociales más amplios como la educación y la riqueza para mejorar la salud oral y general de los miembros más pobres de la sociedad.

Sin embargo, independientemente de las razones subyacentes del vínculo entre la pérdida de dientes y la disminución de la función mental y física, darse cuenta de la pérdida excesiva de dientes en los adultos es una posibilidad de detectar a aquellos en mayor riesgo de declive más rápido más adelante en la vida, agrega.

Hay muchos factores que pueden influir en este declive como el estilo de vida y los factores psicosociales, que son susceptibles de cambio.

La pérdida total de dientes es una condición rara en los hogares de altos ingresos en los Estados Unidos hoy en día; se ha contraído geográficamente a estados con una pobreza desproporcionadamente alta, señalan los autores.

La enfermedad periodontal o de las encías es la causa más común de pérdida de dientes entre los adultos. Un estudio realizado por los Centros para el Control y Prevención de Enfermedades estima que alrededor de la mitad de la población adulta en los EE. UU. Tiene enfermedad periodontal, con casos que varían de leves a severos.

La prevalencia es mucho más alta en aquellos que viven por debajo del umbral de la pobreza, aquellos con una educación secundaria inferior y entre los estadounidenses mayores. Agregan que entre los estadounidenses mayores de 65 años y más, la tasa de prevalencia es de alrededor del 70%.


Que debe llevar la rutina dental de tu hijo

Para empezar queremos recomendarte que antes que nada vayas con un experto dentista como Brio dental para que examine la boca de tu hijo personalmente y así te pueda ayudar mejor a crear una rutina dental adecuada a sus necesidades.

Uno de los problemas mas comunes en los niños es que no les gusta usar el cepillo o hilo dental, o no lo hacen correctamente, cosa que también suele pasar en los adultos. Es por eso que es mejor que tu dentista les enseñe a ambos, padres e hijos a como deben usarse debidamente el cepillo y el hilo dental. Normalmente se  recomienda cepíllarlos dos veces al día, durante dos minutos.

Lo mejor es que introduzca la rutina de cepillarse los dientes a un niño cuando salen sus primeros dientes. Cuanto antes establezca esta rutina para el niño,  le sera más fácil será para usted y para el en el futuro. No espere hasta que tenga tres o cuatro años, ya que entonces puede acostumbrarse a una rutina que no incluye cepillarse los dientes. Entonces será difícil cambiar su comportamiento, aunque no es imposible. La clave es ser constante y persistente para poder reforzar la rutina.

Puede aplicar técnicas de gestión del comportamiento, por ejemplo, recompensándolo por su buen comportamiento.

Usted debe saber como reconocer los primeros signos de caries dental
La caries dental no se produce de la noche a la mañana y puede revertirse si se diagnostica temprano, por lo que lleve a su hijo al dentista antes de cumplir un año de edad y realice visitas de seguimiento.

Las bacterias productoras de ácido en la placa dental depositada en los dientes pueden causar desmineralización a lo largo del tiempo, dando como resultado lesiones de manchas blancas. Si se descuidan, estas lesiones comenzarán a formar cavidades en la estructura del diente. En el momento en que note una inflamación de la cavidad o las encías, se habría producido un daño irreversible.